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    Expert premium parrots 15kg

    Manufacturer: Witte Molen
    SKU: WM652052
    Availability: In stock
    12,995 kr
    i h
    Varied selection of top ingredients
    With vitamin pellet for an optimal health
    Low fat level, most suitable for cockatoos and amazons
    High palatability
    Suitable for different birds
    Description:A premium mixture for parrots with a varied selection of reals and vegetables, with amongst others carrot pieces, sunflower seeds and rosehip seeds. Moreover, a small amount of raisins and almonds are added for an even higher acceptability. With vitamin pellets. Because of the lower fat level this product is most suitable for cockatoos and amazons.
    Manual:Birds eat as often as they need to. Make sure the animals eat all ingredients and provide fresh food regularly. Always give unlimited access to fresh water. Store in a cool and dark place.