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    Picture of Aqua Drink

    Aqua Drink

    Compound feed for rodents Water minerals
    655 kr 589 kr
    Picture of Vita fit Salt lick stone SEL

    Vita fit Salt lick stone SEL

    VITA Fit® Sel plus provides your rodents with vital salts and minerals . The salt lick stone can be given as needed as a supplement to the daily food and prevents food-related sodium deficiency . With practical holder - suitable for all rodent homes! Salt lick stone for rodents Contains salts and minerals Without dyes Without artificial preservatives Without the addition of antioxidants With practical holding device
    420 kr 378 kr
    Picture of Green Rolls 300 gr

    Green Rolls 300 gr

    These tasty crunchy rings bring alfalfa and meadowweedgrass many delicious ingredients from the meadow in the food bowl. The purely herbal composition is well digestible - the reduced calcium content can also prevent urinary stone formation. A healthy highlight for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & co! Green Rollis® contain vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements for optimal care and support digestion and tooth abrasion of the animals with a lot of raw fiber . In addition, the small rings taste great and provide by the round shape for fun and variety in rodent everyday life. An ideal supplement for a balanced diet! Knusper rings for rodents With alfalfa and valuable Timothy hay Made from pure vegetable ingredients High raw fiber content in calcium With vitamins and minerals, including extra portion of vitamin C. Sugar-free recipe Without artificial flavors Without synthetic colouring Without preservative substances
    595 kr 536 kr
    Picture of Mineral Stone For Rodents

    Mineral Stone For Rodents

    415 kr 374 kr
    Picture of VITA Fit® Vitamin Pellets

    VITA Fit® Vitamin Pellets

    With the vitamins A, B, D, E and C.
    539 kr 485 kr
    Picture of Vitamin C-Forte Rodents

    Vitamin C-Forte Rodents

    C-Vitamins for Rodents
    694 kr 625 kr
    Picture of Vitamin C Drops 10ml

    Vitamin C Drops 10ml

    C vitamin drops that go in the water
    795 kr 715 kr