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    Protein-rich composition and linseed for shiny feathers and easy moulting. The added prebiotics contribute to healthy digestion. Crushed oyster shells promote healthy digestion and are an excellent source of calcium. The balanced composition, added vitamins and trace elements will increase your pet's vitality. Without artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.
    1,985 kr
    Picture of RIO Eggfood for budgies and other small birds,250g

    RIO Eggfood for budgies and other small birds,250g

    RIO eggfood is produced from whole eggs with the addition of honey, vitamins and minerals. A combination of biotin and amino acids helps the bird to have healthy plumage. Rich in vitamins and other nutrients, RIO eggfood is an indispensable supplement during periods of growth, moulting, breeding, and whenever a weakened bird needs to grow its strength.
    565 kr
    Picture of RIO Feed for exotic birds. Daily feed 1 kg

    RIO Feed for exotic birds. Daily feed 1 kg

    RIO exotic bird feed is a specially selected mixture of healthy grains and seeds loved by amadinas, waxbills and other kinds of finches. The wide variety of ingredients ensures that birds get all the necessary nutrition substances.
    735 kr
    Picture of RIO Hand-feeding food for baby birds, 400g

    RIO Hand-feeding food for baby birds, 400g

    This complete nutrient-dense hand-feeding food is specially formulated to meet the energy requirements of birds from hatching through to weaning. Vitamin D and highly digestible calcium help the baby birds to develop strong beak and bones, Vitamin A and amino acids are necessary for building healthy feathers and skin. Rich in proteins, fats and vitamins, the food also contains prebiotics (MOS) and beta-glucans, which support a normal gut microflora and contribute to a healthy development of the immune system. The nutrient rich formula helps baby birds to grow strong and healthy, wean earlier and develop a bright, fine plumage. The formula is tested, developed and recommended internationally by professional breeders to support the young bird’s and optimal growth.
    1,995 kr
    Picture of RIO Sunflower seed 2 kg

    RIO Sunflower seed 2 kg

    Sunflower seeds are a great natural treat for birds. They are rich in protein and fats, which makes them a perfect nutritional source. The seeds are excellent for feeding pets and fill feeders outdoors.
    970 kr