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    Picture of Sera Silicate-Test (SiO3) 15 ml

    Sera Silicate-Test (SiO3) 15 ml

    Silicate (SiO3) supports the growth of diatoms in marine and freshwater aquariums. The sera silicate-Test allows monitoring the silicate level reliably and easily. Silicate levels above 1 mg/l (ppm) should be bound with sera marin silicate clear (fresh and marine water).
    2,256 kr
    Picture of co2-test 15ml

    co2-test 15ml

    Permanent CO2 monitoring. CO2 is among the most important nutrients for aquatic plants. Deficiencies can therefore have severe consequences. The sera CO2 long-term indicator was developed for permanently monitoring the CO2 level in the water. The reagent container is easy to hide inside the aquarium, the correct CO2 level is easy to read off.
    2,995 kr
    Picture of Copper Test 10ml

    Copper Test 10ml

    Makes it easy to monitor the copper level in fresh and marine water
    1,645 kr
    Picture of gH-Test 10ml

    gH-Test 10ml

    Makes it easy to monitor the total hardness
    970 kr
    Picture of sera phosphate-Test (PO4) 15 ml
    Picture of sera nitrate-Test (NO3) 3X15ml

    sera nitrate-Test (NO3) 3X15ml

    Makes it easy to monitor the nitrate level in fresh and marine water Nitrate (NO3) is an indicator for severe organic pollution. The source of this organic pollution should be eliminated, a partial water change provides immediate help. In the long run, filtering through sera siporax Professional helps avoiding nitrate enrichment. Sufficient for approx. 60 measurements.
    2,495 kr
    Picture of sera pH-Test 15ml

    sera pH-Test 15ml

    Makes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measurements In case of too low pH values we recommend sera KH/pH-plus (in freshwater aquariums) or sera pond bio balance (in ponds), in case of too high values in freshwater aquariums we recommend sera pH/KH-minus or filtering through sera super peat.
    1,774 kr
    Picture of sera Quick Test

    sera Quick Test

    Quick and easy monitoring Routine monitoring or safety check: The sera Quick Test provides the optimal possibility to check the most important water parameters (pH value, carbonate hardness, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite and chlorine) in the aquarium with just one test strip quickly and without any problems. Immerse a test strip in your tank for a second, then wait for 1 minute and compare the intensity of its colors to the chart on the package. A safe procedure that also supports beginners achieve best possible water quality in their aquariums. In case the measurement reveals deviations from the optimal levels, the sera liquid tests allow determining the differences exactly.
    3,990 kr
    Picture of Self adhesive thermometer 13 cm